Flashlists are better than flashcards.

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Study Faster. Study Smarter.

Based on learning methods developed by a Medical Doctor and Nuclear Engineer.

We developed FlashGeek for all students and educators.

🛑 Stop using index flashcards!

Whenever a child is being taught to make a stack of index flashcards to memorize a list of information, we want to tell the parents and teachers that there is a smarter way.

When college and graduate students waste hours with difficulty successfully committing to memory key topics, we want them to know there is a solution.

For all levels of learning.

Smarter, more efficient memorization and learning.

Effective at all levels from elementary school to post graduate studies to lifelong learning.

Study languages.

Useful for any subject requiring memorization and recall, including languages, history, science, mathematics, business, world knowledge.

Highlight items for later review.

Practical at all stages of learning and memorization, including first exposure to the topic, review and recall, pre-test assessment, last minute review of difficult or high percentage items.

Flip to study both directions.

Tap the arrows to FLIP the flashlist to test yourself from Right to Left or Left to Right (when available).

Master smaller groups.

Divide a large flashlist into smaller groups for faster and easier learning. Every flashlist is automatically grouped into rows of 5. Master each small group before moving to the next one.

Study sciences.

Try FlashGeek for your next exam. Let us know when you aced it.

Star your favorite flashlists.

Tap the Star to bookmark your favorites or for later easy access.

Create your own.

Sign in to create your own flashlists for your own topics, studies, and schoolwork. Access your highlighted rows, favorites, and custom flashlists on other devices.

Make public or private.

Make your flashlists public to share them with classmates, friends, and the world.

Educators can create flashlists to share lessons with students.

Available on iOS and Android.

Available for smartphones and tablets including iPhone and iPad.

Sample subjects included.

- SAT vocabulary

- ACT vocabulary

- GRE vocabulary

- AP chemistry

- AP world history

- languages

- world capitals

- USA state capitals

- human anatomy

- biochemistry

- pharmacology

- world flags

- US presidents

- law

- US government

- world currencies

- science olympiad

- name the scientist

- physics constants

- Morse code

- Roman numerals

- more custom lists!

- Español

- Français

- 中文

- عربى

- русский

- Português

- 한국어

- Deutsche

- हिंदी

- 日本語

- Italiana

- Nederlandse

- English

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FlashGeek is developed by Isidoro.Medical.Engineering, u/FPIMD. We create medical and scientific educational software applications for intelligent minds.